100% Natural
Vegetable Oil

Freshness, quality and excellent taste. These are the main properties of the oil Casa de Ulei.

Casa de Ulei Prezentare

Cold Pressed

Due to the process of obtaining it, it is preservative-free, chemical-free, cholesterol-free.

100% Natural

The oil, obtained by cold pressing unroasted sunflower seeds. is a 100% natural product.

Tasty and Healthy

The oil is extracted from the seeds by cold processing, which leads to maintaining the taste, aroma and nutrients.

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Prepare the most delicious recipes using the Casa de Ulei oil.

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Casa de Ulei

Our oil is manufactured by the technology of cold pressing, it is a natural product, obtained from carefully chosen seeds not subjected to heat or chemical treatments, which gives the product a higher quality of hot or refined oils. The oils thus processed preserve the richness of nutrients, vitamins, minerals contained in the seeds from which they are manufactured / made.

The freshness, the quality and the excellent taste are the main properties of our oil.

Sticle de ulei "Casa de Ulei".
3 sticle de ulei "Casa de Ulei".


The oil Casa de Ulei

10 Lei

It is a natural product, extracted – as the name implies – without thermal processes, from sunflower seeds, so as to keep their therapeutic properties unchanged. It is distinguished from the classic sunflower oil by a much stronger aroma.

Source of health

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are a good source of magnesium. Numerous studies have shown that magnesium helps reduce asthma intensity, decrease high blood pressure, prevent migraines, and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

They have many beneficial properties: they contain healthy fats, fiber and protein, vitamins and minerals.

Seminte de Floarea Soarelui

Discover the story of

The Manufacturer

We are a family of simple, seafaring people, accustomed to the taste of home cooked food that aims to bring to the people like us a natural product, made with local ingredients, free of chemical compounds and to add an extra flavor and health to prepared foods. in your own home.
Our mission
Let’s bring in each house organic products, made from 100% natural ingredients and at a great price for those who have made a lifestyle from eating healthy.
Company vision
Our vision is to be a favorite brand and that our clients will recommend it to others and so we can help them to position the brand “Oil House” among those who offer natural and quality products.
  • Passion

    We like to enrich our products with the involvement of each member of our team

  • Partnership

    We want to get involved in the growth of the 100% Romanian products market;

  • Colaborare

    We understand the diversity of opinions, experiences from that we are open to listen to the opinions of others, argued and action oriented.




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