About Our Oil

The freshness, the quality and the excellent taste are the main properties of our oil.​

Our oil is manufactured by the technology of cold pressing, it is a natural product, obtained from carefully chosen seeds not subjected to heat or chemical treatments, which gives the product a higher quality of hot or refined oils. The oils thus processed preserve the richness of nutrients, vitamins, minerals contained in the seeds from which they are manufactured / made.

It is a natural product, extracted – as the name implies – without thermal processes, from sunflower seeds, so as to keep their therapeutic properties unchanged. It is distinguished from the classic sunflower oil by a much stronger aroma. Although sold as an additive to food, it is much more than a food, its therapeutic properties being remarkable. Here are some of its uses as a remedy.

It has a high content of vitamin E and a low content of unsaturated acids with triple bond which makes it maintain its properties for a long time.

The high content of lecithin promotes the metabolic processes of the liver and nervous system, but also regulates the evacuation more appropriate with the alimentary rhythm of the cholecyst (gallbladder).

With a high nutritional value, it also acts as a fluidifier for secretions and is a mild purgative with intestinal emollient role.

It is often used as a massage oil.

Here are some of its uses as a remedy:​

To detoxify the body, prevent gum disease (gingivitis, parontosis), treat upper respiratory diseases, mouthwashes are made in the morning with cold pressed sunflower oil. One tablespoon of oil is held in the mouth without swallowing and for five minutes it shakes well between the teeth, then spits in the toilet. It is a treatment method whose efficacy has been confirmed by a medical institute in St. Petersburg (Russia), which has tested its effects in patients with chronic conditions, such as degenerative rheumatism, thrombophlebitis, ischemic heart disease.

For the treatment and prevention of arteriosclerosis, vascular accidents, it is consumed daily in salads, in sauces and other dishes that are not thermally prepared in cold pressed sunflower oil. Replacing normal oil with cold pressed oil is a long-lasting treatment with very good effects for people who have high cholesterol levels.

Against constipation, 1-3 tablespoons of this oil are taken on an empty stomach in the morning, with ten drops of fresh lemon juice added.

In order to increase our resistance to the cold and humidity of the cold season, preventing the illnesses specific to the cold season, a full-body massage with natural sunflower oil will be performed after each full bath. The massage will be done by simply touching the skin with the palm, which will always move upwards. It will only put so much oil into the skin so that it does not remain glossy after this massage. The procedure has an extraordinary effect on people with slightly drier skin, sensitive to cold.

The process of obtaining the oil.

Due to the process of obtaining it, it is preservative-free, chemical-free, cholesterol-free. The oil is extracted from the seeds by cold processing, which leads to maintaining the taste, aroma and nutrients. The oil, obtained by cold pressing seeds without sunflower, is a 100% natural product. It has a pleasant smell and taste, of raw, oily, but not bad seeds, a bright golden yellow color and a rich nutritional value. It is noticeable by the high limpidity, significant viscosity.

With a high lecithin content, which helps to tone the nervous system, it contains vitamins A, E and F, polyunsaturated fatty acids, active in lowering cholesterol, as well as substances with anti-infectious, stimulating hormonal, regenerative activity. It is used in a raw state in salads, but also in other culinary preparations, because even if by burning it loses some of its vitamins, it still remains superior to the refined oils chemically by taste, consistency, viscosity, lack of any residues of chemicals, being 100% natural.

Cold pressing of sunflower seeds (for us the most popular raw material for the manufacture of food oil) results in a golden yellow oil with a pleasant taste.

Energy Value 899.9Kcal | 3699,631KJ
of which monounsaturated fatty acids:

polyunsaturated fatty acids

  • Omega 6
  • Omega 9
  • Omega 3